Simple rules that will keep your work desk discreetly disorganised

Feeling comfortable at work is something that we all want, but oftentimes it is not the priority of our employers. You are assigned an office, or a desk, a chair, desktop computer and access to the basic facilities. Sometimes the space is nice, full of light, with rented office plants and ergonomic furniture, sometimes it isn’t. But whether cosy or not, it is a place where you spend most of your waking hours at. As such, it always reflects who you are and what you stand for, in the subtlest of ways.

Paper for my notebook.
Paper for my notebook. (Photo credit: rmkoske)

In order to have the needed doses of chaos in the workplace, and it is a necessity, unless you are superhuman or a robot, there are some simple activities that you can do to maintain the core disorganization of your desk. And worry not – it will be subtle and only obvious to you. Here it is:

– Keep all the papers neatly folded one on top of the other. This will give the impression of tidiness to others. They will never know that the papers are not sorted and that it is virtually impossible to find anything in that lovely neat pile.

– Have a desktop pencil station that keeps all of your ballpoint pens, pencils, erasers, stapler etc. in one place. Ballpoint pens often dry out fast, and if you have many, it will be a great accomplishment to find one that works when you need it.

– Post-it notes are a must – they are easy, and very useful – if you need reminders or quick notes, they are the best little tool there is. Have lots of them and keep them as long as you have desk space to post them onto. Also, in case you work with numbers a lot, write the number down without any other reference. Soon your desk will be invaded by numbers, but you will have no idea what they mean, although it will look like you are terribly busy all the time processing a lot of information.

– Nowadays you are probably working with a desktop computer or a laptop. This gives you the chance to unintentionally create an artistic installation made of impossibly entangled cables both on top of the desk as well as behind it. Art and chaos – perfection.

– If you are guilty of having your coffee and snacks at your desk, then it will be easy to add some color and texture to the seemingly tidy and busy work space: a couple of mugs, chocolate boxes and snack bags will easily add a splash of joy to the otherwise insipid grey/black/white/blue pattern that most offices have.

And with these few things you will have created the comfortable habitat characteristic of your disorganized self. Now back to work! Also, good luck finding your cell phone among all those post-it notes.

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