Let’s disorganize a party for the New Year’s Eve!

Drinks! (Photo credit: Martin Cathrae)

If you have found this post now, then congratulations, your disorganizing potential is huge, because deciding on a party on the very last day is the way to start.

Every chance to have your friends over is great, particularly around this time of year when it is cold outside – it is just perfect for gatherings. Plus, if you like to celebrate New Year, it is definitely a good idea to have a party. Inviting people over, making food, organising drinks and entertainment – all those activities give endless opportunity to sharpen your disorganisation skills.

An organised person would base her invitations on the size of the space they have. If your place is small, you should not invite all your work colleagues and their aunt because they would not fit. But, this systematic approach seems cruel and you will end up with only limited places, and a lot of deliberation time on who should be on the list and who you must drop from it. Luckily, the disorganised strategy saves you all that: just think of people you want to see at that party and invite them. Not all will be able to come anyway, and even in the unlikely case that everybody shows up, you will find a way to make everyone comfortable. Nobody remembers parties in which everything was perfect, best memories come from overcrowded, chaotic parties.

Now you know who you want to come, so it is time to see how the party will work. It’s important to have snacks and drinks, and to have enough of them, but before you run out to the store just block out all the other ideas that keep popping there: napkins and serving bowls for snacks (do you have any?), how will you dispose of the plastic cups and papers during the party (you’ll think about that tomorrow, hangover allowing), theme for the party and decoration (Xmas stuff is still around, it’s more than enough),¬† home-made or store-bought? (would be nice to show off your cooking skills, but not enough time now)… Just block all those out because they will lead you to a road of hard work, being late with every activity and greeting your guests tired and stressed out.

Do the shopping fast, just skimming the shelves and landing any appetizing packages into your cart. It will be enough, and, besides, no matter what amount of effort you put in offering your guests something exquisite, there will always be that mean person to dislike your party food, so you might as well take it easy. On the way home drop by the liquor store and buy several different types of drink. Fight the urge to remember fancy cocktail recipes. Just grab¬† the stuff you like and you know your closest friends like and leave it to people’s imagination to create the cocktails on the spot. Some of the world’s most famous hangovers come from those.

Pop in the shower, put on something nice (yes, this is difficult because of the “I have nothing to wear” thing, but just pick your favorite outfit), quickly put on some good music and start receiving your guests.

You will see that, if you truly embrace this method, without looking back and itemizing in your head all of the stuff you should have done but you didn’t, you will find that it is people who make the party, not the props. Enjoy!

A very happy New Year to all and I wish you good health, lots of smiles, love and good time in 2013!

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