Fridge – how to get the least out of this appliance

Before we move on to the actual practical advice on how to use your fridge, there is one thing that I’d like to highlight. It may sound strange, but even when you want to disorganize stuff, you still need to obey rules. Yes, RULES. But, and luckily, there is a but, those rules are so easy to follow; you will not even notice that they are rules. Here they are:

First and foremost, do not read any instructions on where to put what, or which the coldest shelves are, etc. A waste of time.What you want is to store the food somewhere cold, and fridge – is cold.

If your fridge has flexible shelving (you can change the height of shelves according to your need) – please disregard the feature – it is completely useless for our project. Just put the shelves at an eye-pleasing level.

So – you’ve just returned from the weekly grocery shopping tour with bags full of goodies. Some of them require cold, some don’t. It does not really matter – if there is space in the fridge then put them all there. This way you will save some time on the journeys to the pantry – everything will be in one place.

Unpacking items from their original packaging is a waste of time – just keep everything as it is. The bulky packaging will  make your fridge seem fuller, so there is an added bonus to this rule.

Keep the leftovers in the same pot they were originally cooked in – no need to transfer them to a smaller bowl. This way you save energy (both yours and dishwasher’s). Also it gives the impression that you are an amazing cook – look how much home-made food there is in that fridge!

If you’re into aroma therapy, then it is definitely a must to leave perishable items unattended for a very long time in the fridge. This method will ensure a long-lasting and hard-to-get-rid-of aroma for sure, which also adds to the overall disorganisation look and feel of the fridge.

If you follow the advice above, your fridge will always seem full, but you will have little to eat – which is great for your weight. In case anybody asks what weight loss method you used, feel free to tell them that you have Disorganisation Guru to thank for the starved, chic look.


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